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AIESEC in YTU is a local branch of AIESEC. AIESEC is a non-profit organization consisting of youths aged 18-30 and exists in over 100 nations/countries. It improves defined leadership quality from working experience for teenagers and young men. It mainly organizes volunteering and intern exchange programs between local countries and foreign countries. AIESEC members gain personal development from experiences of organizing such programs (events).

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Association of New Generation Luyeechuns (ANGL)

Association of New Generation Luyeechuns (Yangon Technological University) was formed on 12 December 2014. In collaboration with Yangon Technological University Students Union (YTUSU) and Association of New Generation Luyeechuns(Central) [ANGL. We actively participate in activities such as philanthropy, disaster relief and indoor university activities. We also connect with (1964-88) senior standouts and participate in activities related with outstanding students (Luyeechuns).

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Buddhist Family

YTU Buddhist Family is the family represented for every Buddhist individual at YTU.

In addition to religious events such as Waso robe-offering, Kahtein robe-offering, sermon class, alms food donation during the Buddhist lent, recital of Parittas, alms food donation, money tree donation and special sermon charity class with Buddhist associations and families from other universities are also collectively organized. It's for the 8th time that collective blood donation ceremonies have been organized biannually. Any Buddhist individuals in YTU can take part in activities and ceremonies of YTU Buddhist Family.

Civil Engineering Student Association

Established since the time of Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT-YIT-YTU), YTU CESA is the reborn Civil Engineering community of YTU in 2019. It is the main student body of YTU-Civil Engineering for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The first established committee with some of class representatives from both undergraduate and postgraduate classes runs in the term 2019 - 2020. The constitution draft is written and legislated by all of the class representatives under this committee and they stated the activity frame for the following terms.

The first term with full organization structure runs from January 2020 to January 2021 hosting many activities such as fresher welcome, paying homage ceremony, and educational seminars and webinars for students. The interim provisional term is running currently and will be from 2021 to 2022.

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Chess Club

Vision: To build a friendly community where all students belong and play chess regardless of their knowledge and levels.

Mission: To organize competitive tournaments for YTU students, host events for all other University students as well and more importantly, to honor YTU by winning awards at those events.

The very start of the club: In 2015, with all great purposes, former club president 'Min Thu Rein Tun' from Metallurgy major started the club altogether with some like-minded students. He organized tournaments at Dining hall and later the club got more support from Students Union, students themselves and Departments. Consequently, the club got its own private space at the Engineering Physics department.

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YTU Christian Fellowship

YTUCF is an association for the purpose of befriending Christian students from YTU. Workshops are organized weekly. Freshers' welcome parties are usually held in a cheerful atmosphere once a year. When it comes to the Christmas season, not only Christian students but also other students from YTU collectively sing Christmas carols actively. In 2019, Christmas was celebrated in collaboration with YTUSU. Some of the funds received from carol singing were donated and some were used in organizing parties for participating students.

Due to the recent establishment of the organization, it is difficult to organize events, so a lot of activities are still left to be done. In collaboration with the University of Computer Studies, YTUCF achieved a consolation prize in Student Christian Movement as an outdoor activity.

Electronics Engineering Student's Association - ECSA


In October 2019, after all batch Electronic industrial training trip, a group of Electronic major student leaders were planning to create EC Student Association, as a representative for EC and Telecom students and to help them in their academic life.

In 22nd January 2020, First Election Committee for ECSA was formed included with one former student and 6 current students. Election Committee decided and announced election rules in 25th January 2020. First ECSA election was held in 5.2.2020(online election) and 6.2.2020(manual election). The winning representatives and central executive committee were announced at National Union Day of 2020.

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English Club

Founded by Ko Phyo Thura Htay in 2014, YTU English Club is run by students who are enthusiastic about the English language to create a fun and friendly environment for YTU students.

What do we do?

Weekly Activities - We run fun activities weekly to discuss popular topics with the attendees.

Collaborations - We have collaborated with multiple English schools and organizations for workshops and seminars.

Host Competitions - YTUEC has been the host organizer at Inter-Universities Impromptu/Debate competitions twice.

Win Competitions - YTUEC has been a proud in-house trainer of many English competition winners.

Don't miss out, join the fun!

Electrical Power Students' Association (EPSA)

Electrical Power Students' Association is a student organization from Yangon Technological University. It was established on June 2019. Its mission is to make sure that students of electrical power engineering department receive the best education, career opportunities and university life. According to the Constitution (1st Term),

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Information Technology Student's Association (ITSA)

To share information technology knowledge to IT students at Yangon Technological University, to meet the needs of students and to help meet short-term and long-term benefits, ITSA was formed on 2.1.2019. Thanks to the support of students, ITSA has been running smoothly for five months since its inception.

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Mechanical Engineering Student Association (MESA)

Aims and Objectives

The objectives of forming the association are as follows:

  1. To help students deal with the difficulties
  2. For better communication between the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the students
  3. To maintain and the history and legacy of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and to make better progress in the future
  4. To create opportunities for the department to collaborate with other external organizations in improving the students' mechanical engineering field of study
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Presentation and Public Speaking Class

The purpose of YTU PPSC is to distribute skills necessary for presentation, sharing of sources and tips and tricks for the art of public speaking to make people interested in presentations.

Activities include sharing of elevator pitch, CV format, introduction with a bit of creation, critical thinking and analysis. Sharing knowledge on IELTS is also organized as an event.

YTU Hiking and Mountaineering Club

YTU Hiking and Mountaineering Club is a sports club founded in December of 2017 by a group of enthusiastic students from different majors and years. The primary vision of the club is to help students expand their horizons and get outdoors, introduce them to the tranquility of nature, make lifelong friends with each other while going on adventures and travel to every corner of the country and learn different cultures.

As for club activities, we organize one hiking trip each semester. The club decides on a suitable location and date while taking the season, distance, duration, and other necessary factors into account. We organize endurance and strength trainings on weekend mornings. The club members have to complete a set training record and collect required gears for each trip. We make sure that everyone is uninjured and in perfect physical condition before setting out for expedition.

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YTU Rakhine Family

YTU Rakhine family was founded by 1st-year, 2nd-year and 3rd-year students in 2014. Any Rakhine students who attend YTU can be members of Rakhine Family. The organization takes an active part in YTU activities and events held by Rakhine Literature & Culture Committee of Universities, Yangon.

Annual participation in Freshers' welcome held by Rakhine Literature & Culture Committee of Universities, Yangon and King Queen Selection sessions at a farewell party of final-year students since 2014.

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Science and Technological Association

A summary of the association

The organization was founded in 2016 under the name "Cluster of Science and Technology" and was renamed the "Science and Technological Association" in 2019. The purpose of the organization is to get to know each other among students who are interested in science, AI, robotics and technology, to expand the community and knowledge and to discuss technology competitions.

Activities of the association

Every Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm, technical workshops, discussions and seminars are usually held. The basics of robotics such as the use of Arduino and programming skills are discussed and shared as an activity or a course. Makerspace is also available for students who are interested in technology.

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YTU Shan Family

A summary of the club

YTU Shan Family is the organization that has existed since the age of RIT. It was founded again in December, 2015. Students who come from Shan State, students related to Shan ethnicity, and any students who are interested in Shan traditions are warmly welcome. There have been about 100 members since 2015.

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Swal Taw Myay Charity Association

A summary of the club

It was formed in June 2016. The group includes person-in-charge, assistant person-in-charge, secretary, treasurer, general officer and planner-in-charge. Although, at the moment, the previous ones are getting older and the new ones are not being invited much, there is not much specificity in roles. There is a representative in every batch in the whole school (there are people who are responsible for collecting membership fees and member registration) The purpose of the club is to assist the places where it needs support as a charity representing YTU.

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YTU Swimming Club

Swimming is a great way to keep fit and makes friends, as well as being fun. It's also an activity you can continue for a lifetime. Whoever interested in swimming, from beginners to professionals, are welcomed from YTU swimming club.

YTU swimming club was established in January of 2018 with the aim of achieving healthier lifestyle among YTU students and having fun social interactions. Here are some of our activities from weekend morning swimming sections and YTU monsoon competition/sport festival.

Judo Club

YTU Judo Club which is the first and foremost martial art club of YTU established on January 31st, 2020.


To teach self-defense techniques to those who are willing to learn

To encourage all students to learn how to grapple in a fun way


To produce elite-level university judoka across the nation, strive to be the best university judo club.

Club Activities

Trainees may perform Throwing Techniques as well as light aerobic exercise three times a week coached by highly experiences former National 3rd Dan Judoka Sensei.

Anime Club

Anime Club was founded as a leisure club to engage students who are interested in the subject and its stakeholders.

YTU Badminton Club

We are teaching the basics of badminton for beginners. Every year, we participate in the rainy season sports competition and the school badminton competition. The competition includes categories such as Men's Single, Women's Single, Men's Double, Mixed Double, etc., depending on the number of contestants and is organized as a single elimination or group stage.

YTU Astronomy Club

The main purpose of YAC is to make young people in Myanmar more interested in astronomy and to improve the field of astronomy in Myanmar.

Rowing Club

Rowing Club joins the Yangon Universities' Boat Club (YUBC) near Inya Lake and conducts activities. YUBC recruits new members once a semester and provides training. The team's uniform is white shirt and white pants or swimming trunks. You will need to bring socks and a student card.

Sailing activities are usually held at the Myanmar Yachting Federation near Inya Lake. For the Sailing course, Yangon Sailing Club recruits new trainees once a year and is taught by the level teachers from the Federation.

Rowing includes inter-club competitions held by YUBC; Multi-school competitions are held annually and YTU members also compete.

Tennis Club

The club's activities are regular Saturdays and Sundays. On Sundays, we hires a teacher at the University Tennis Court on Thaton Road. You do not have to worry about not being able to shoot, as you will be trained in basic batches to compete in competitions. The first in-house tournament, the YTU Tennis Open, was successfully held in September 2019 at Yangon University Tennis Court with Men's Singles, Women's Singles and Mixed Doubles.

YTU E-sport Club

The purpose of establishing YTU E-sport Club is to provide competitions that are open only to YTU students and to create opportunities for other outside competitions.

In Dec 2019 and Jan 2020, an MLBB competition and a PUBGM competition were held. These competitions will be held every semester. During the school closure due to COVID-19, the MLBB Magic Chess Tournament and the 8th Batch MLBB Tournament were held for YTU students. A total of MMK 80,000 was donated to the We Love Yangon COVID-19 Fund, including half of the MLBB Magic Chess tournament entry fee and admin donations.

YTU Football Club

YTU Football club was formed by students who love to play football. Players emerged from the school football enthusiasts and held football matches, which were later formed into a school team. They also competed as school representative teams in multi-school invitational cups. Football teams are also formed according to the YTU Batch, and not only batches between teams, but also against teams from other universities. In selecting players for the YTU football team, the best players are trained and re-selected by the coach.

YTU Women Football Club

YTU Women Football Club was established in June 2017. The club is made up of students from all majors who enjoy playing football. At the beginning of the school year, we start recruiting new people for the club in December and January. Training starts in February. Training is held weekly from Wednesday to Friday. It is usually held at the YTU football field from 4 pm to 6 pm. For students who do not play at all, the coach will provide systematic training from the beginning. Women from other universities often play soccer matches with football teams. In March, the exams will be over and we will stop training and return to school in June.

Literature Association

YTU Literature Association was established in 2014. In the team, members of the working group are led by the Student Union Literature Officer. The current members of the Literary Association are more interested in contemporary literature.

Illustration Club

YTU Illustration Club was started on October 10, 2019. YTU Fresher Welcome and SU days also feature annual artwork created by YTUians. YTU Art Project is designed by SU every year.

Music Club

The Music Club was re-established on 18th Dec 2018. Not only they sing together like in the previous club, but they also open classes.

Dance Club

YTU Dance Club was established in 2017. YTUDC specializes in Street Dance and K-pop with professional teachers and classes.

Performance Club

YTU Performance Club is formed for those interested in film and entertainment at Yangon Technological University. The club is open to anyone interested in acting or filmmaking.

Photography Club

YTU Photography Club was started on July 5, 2017 and aims to share photography knowledge with those interested in photography at YTU. We teach photography basics, review photos taken by members, and hold photo exhibitions and photo contests at the Fresher Welcome and SU Anniversary.

History Club

YTU History Club was established in the second semester of 2016. Every Wednesday, an hour-Fri speaker delivers a historical topic and shares knowledge. At the beginning of each semester, speakers are asked to sign up, and a semester calendar is created and posted on the YTU History Club Facebook account.

Table Tennis Club

Table tennis club was formed on 9th December 2016.The club aims to promote table tennis among YTU community, to create an environment which encourages playing the sport of table tennis recreationally and to build friendly relationship between students.

Basketball Club


  1. To introduce the sport to YTU students who are interested in basketball.
  2. To help improve the skills, fitness and health of the students by playing basketball.
  3. To deliver skillful and valuable players.
  4. To bring achievements to mother university by taking part in inter-university tournaments.
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