Admission Rules and Policies

  • The applicant must have passed the latest Matriculation Examination held.
  • Prospective applicants for Yangon Technological University must have the following qualifications according to last year data:
    • The applicant who has passed the matriculation examination with any track of science subjects including Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics can apply to the university. The applicant must have scored a total minimum score 320 of 4 subjects: English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics in the Matriculation examination.
    • The applicant must be able to work in the field practical training in factories and companies.
  • The university will accept up to a total of 380 students each year.
  • The Bachelor program is 6 years and upon completion of the 6 years training period, B.E degree/ B.Arch degree will be awarded directly.

Number of Students

Each department shall determine the number of students who can be accepted for each subject in accordance with the following programs and submit to the Board of Education.

  • Depending on the number of employees, readiness of classrooms, laboratories and learning aids
  • By calculating the most acceptable numbers of students due to the nature of the subjects,
  • By calculating the gender ratio according to the nature of the subjects
  • Depending on the nature of the program to be conducted on a national or regional scale.

Student Selection

  • The university will implement an entrance examination system in upcoming academic years.
  • Admissions will be conducted under the supervision of the Admissions Board in accordance with the guidance of the University Council.
  • The Department of Students' Affairs must conduct the subject introduction and open campus activities in the weeks leading up to the application process.
  • The University Admissions Selection Board will announce the call for applications in the daily newspapers.

2017 - 2018

Admission to Yangon Technological University for the 2017-2018 academic years was determined by the score of 6 subjects in the matriculation examination. The minimum score for each of both genders was 503, and the minimum entry points for each major were as follows.

2017-2018 Entrance Marks for Each Major
MajorMale (max marks)Male (min marks)Female (max marks)Female (min marks)Total Students Intake
Civil Engineering55553254252738
Mechanical Engineering54752151950538
Electrical Power Engineering52551651950536
Electronics Engineering55051654450633
Computer Engineering & Information Technology53852353352030
Mechatronics Engineering54252453350831
Chemical Engineering51651151150423
Textile Engineering51550550350311
Mining Engineering50950350450410
Petroleum Engineering52851152050322
Metallurgy Engineering51450450550314

2018 - 2019

In the 2018-2019 academic year, university admission was decided by the change in the system with the score of four subjects in the matriculation examination. The total score 320 of 4 subjects in the matriculation examination: English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, was decided to be the minimum score for both genders.

2018-2019 Entrance Marks for Each Major
MajorMale (min marks on 6 subjects)Male (min marks on 4 subjects)Female (min marks on 6 subjects)Female (min marks on 4 subjects)Total Students Intake
Civil Engineering52036052635436
Mechanical Engineering51135449234335
Electrical Power Engineering51335150034334
Electronics Engineering51535350334631
Computer Engineering & Information Technology52335548634728
Mechatronics Engineering52135750234429
Chemical Engineering50834750534222
Textile Engineering50334749734011
Mining Engineering49934749634110
Petroleum Engineering52835050534120
Metallurgy Engineering51434649234014

2019 - 2020

In the 2019-2020 academic year, two new majors, Telecommunications Engineering and Food Engineering, were added, bringing the total to 14 majors. Admission to the university is determined by the same score as in the previous year, with a minimum score of 320.

2019-2020 Entrance Marks for Each Major
MajorMale (min marks on 6 subjects)Male (min marks on 4 subjects)Female (min marks on 6 subjects)Female (min marks on 4 subjects)Total Students Intake
Civil Engineering50734949433539
Mechanical Engineering49833649332240
Electrical Power Engineering49333049032239
Electronics Engineering49833349132635
Computer Engineering & Information Technology51034348433330
Mechatronics Engineering50734249432530
Chemical Engineering48032648432120
Textile Engineering46532346832111
Mining Engineering47932447632010
Petroleum Engineering48632749332015
Metallurgy Engineering47732346732012
Telecommunication Engineering46932747332130
Food Engineering48732449032013