The Senate

The University Academic Board (the Senate) is committed to the following educational matters in accordance with the provisions of the University Charter, guaranteeing Academic Freedom.

  • A

    The decisions of The Senate shall be submitted to the University Council.

  • B

    The Senate shall establish rules and regulations for Selection of students for university admission, university transfer, subject transfer, dropping out and resignation, and shall take action in accordance with those rules and regulations.

  • C

    The Senate shall form a team for the university admission selection process.

  • D

    Selecting and sending scholars for local and international exchange programs, study tours, and training programs shall be taken care of.

  • E

    Teaching and research of the university, holding exams, approval of curriculum and syllabus, approval and revocation of undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, diplomas and other academic honors, decisions and approvals regarding other educational matters shall be made.

  • F

    To form the Board of Examiners for the matter of final dissertation and thesis submission, appointment, removal and suspension of scrutiny officers shall be done in accordance with the appointments of the University Council. The inclusion of at least one external subject matter expert in the Board of Examiners as a scrutiny officer shall be taken care of.

  • G

    Expansion and abolition of faculties, teaching centers, and subordinate schools, advocating, scrutinizing, reviewing, implementing, prohibiting and canceling their policies and procedures must be examined and reported to the University Council for consideration.

  • H

    Matters related to academic cooperation with local universities, foreign universities and educational institutions, shall be submitted to the University Council for decision and approval, and shall be implemented in accordance with the National Education Law.

  • I

    The Senate shall take charge of the matter of academic and research results of the University to be patented, and shall liaise with external industries, businesses, international organizations in order to apply the university research results in businesses.

  • J

    Scrutinizing, approving and rejecting in the recruitment process of teaching staff, external visiting professors and experts can be made and the decision must be submitted to the University Council.

  • K

    Determining and assigning positions and responsibilities of the employees, necessary accountability according to the position of each employee, relocation, and promotion shall be taken care of in accordance with, not only the stipulations, but also the Civil Service Law, as well as the University Charter and the provisions of this Code.

  • L

    Suspension and dismissal of employees shall be done, in accordance with the Civil Service Law, the University Charter and the provisions hereby stated.

  • M

    Relevant matters regarding quality improvement of University Library, University Museum, and University Printing house shall be supervised.

  • N

    Without violating University Charter, regulations and rules issued by the University Council, publication of orders and procedures, and formation of committees to carry out university educational issues, matters regarding education and discipline of university students, and all other matters under the auspices of the University Education Board shall be taken care of.